The Garage Gaggle

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people in the United States spend around five to six hours per day on leisure and sports activities, their personal interests / activities, and hobbies. And on weekends and during holidays the amount of time spent on leisure activities is higher than on weekdays.  Often these hobbies take up space in your home or garage.  This is true for one family who loved the outdoors.   This affinity included a large collection of decoys that needed to share quarters with their retrieving companion’s kennels.

These homeowners had a very common end goal – park both cars in the garage.  The challenge was to create a solution that would help keep their items organized and out of the way.

Garage Sense paid this Elverson homeowner a visit, and discussed their goals and ideas while exploring the many options Monkey Bars could provide.  Because of their size, Garage Sense recommended ceiling mounting the traditional wall hanging system to allow for an efficient hanging system.

Because the Monkey Bar “J” hooks can be moved some side to side, the homeowner is able to access the items easily.  The team also used the garage shelving system, installed to hang their road bikes and equipment, to store other decoys that are used more often. The homeowner was impressed by the systems flexibility and versatility and is interested in utilizing Monkey Bars in other areas.