Garage Organization 101

Is your garage the dumping ground for your family’s active lifestyle? Do you keep your garage doors closed to hide the unsightly mess? Homeowners have garage organization options, but knowing where to start and how to build a plan can seem like a big hurdle. If you are ready to conquer the clutter, we recommend you ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is your goal? This is easiest of the three. Are you looking to park your car in the garage? Are you trying to corral all the bikes into one central and accessible location? Do you need to find a place to keep all your yard tools.
  2. What is in your garage? Review what you have to store and take an inventory to determine a basic breakdown the long-term (ie. holiday decorations) versus short-term items (ie. bikes and yard tools) that you would like to keep.
  3. What is your budget? This often is the hardest question. A basic range is a great start as many Chester County homeowners are not familiar with local options and may not know where to begin.

How you answer these questions will help identify which type of system works best for your situation – helping you formulate a garage organization plan to best fit your lifestyle. Three basic garage organization categories to consider are:

  • Wall shelving systems – ideal for the active family. Solutions, such as Monkey Bars, provide the ability to store both your long term items on the shelf, while hanging your more frequently accessed items in layers below. These systems are also good for storing larger equipment like bikes and golf bags and provide the best value due to its versatility and ability to adjust as your needs change.
  • Overhead storage – good for out of the way storage. Because the systems are hung from the ceiling, they may not be as accessible as other systems, however, they provide a nice solution for homeowners with limited wall space. If you find yourself with a large amount of items you seldom need to access, overhead storage is a great, cost effective option.
  • Cabinets – perfect for those who want closure. Many will choose cabinets over other options due to their doors. They provide a clean finish and protect the items being stored. Cabinets can pose a challenge for homeowners with limited wall space due to their size and door clearance requirements and can cost a bit more than the other options.

Now you can start your planning to create a new, more organized space that meets your lifestyle.