Downingtown Bike Storage

This garage has plenty of room, but the current homeowner inherited an inadequate way to organize and store their bicycles and accessories. The goal was to be able to park the cars in the garage and still be able to walk around them. The solution was creating a space just for bikes and sports equipment […]

Garage Organization – The New Year Resolution

For many, a New Year offers a new chance to make a change. This year is no different. Statistics show that more than 45% of Americans claim that they make a resolution as the calendar turns the page, and “getting organized” is one of the most popular personal goals. In so many households, the garage is a dumping ground […]

The Gardener’s Friend

Tired of wasting time searching for the specific gardening tools you need? The garage and shed are seldom given as much organizational thought as their indoor counterparts. The Garden Tool Rack by Monkey Bar Storage is perfect for storing up to 20 garden tools such as shovels, hoes, and rakes in your garage or shed.  […]

How much does a Monkey Bar garage shelving system cost?

When it comes to home projects, we certainly can appreciate budgets – and a garage organization project is no different. How do you plan for this type of project and how much does a typical system cost? After visiting your local hardware/home improvement store or searching for garage organization products online, you’ll no doubt find […]